Will be updated as Key event become clear

April-15 Mudslinger MTB
April 30 Bear Springs MTB
May 7 Coast Hills MTB
May 13 Chain Breaker MTB
May 20 Spring Thaw MTB
May 28 Sisters Stampede MTB Series finals
Gravel Series
April 2nd Gorge Gravel Grinder
April 22nd Oregon Coast Gravel Epic
June 4 High Desert Gravel Grinder
July 8 Mt Hood Gravel Grinder
July 29 Sasquach Duro
August 26 Ochoco Gravel Roubaix
June 10 Oakridge Fat 55
July 2 6hrs of Mt hood
July 15 High Cascade 100
August 5 Cascade Cream Puff
September 9/10 Oregon 12/24
Team Retreat
October 5,6,7 Bend Fat tire tour
Cyclocross TBD
Enduro TBD

Out of State TBD