Join the Oregon Trail Syndicate


We are looking for you! Want to join?


Here is what it takes!

  • Bring your great attitude! Please if your high maintence and bug our sponsors for X Y and Z best not apply
  • Buy a Cycling Jersey and Shorts or just a jersey (Baggies or Lycra welcome)
  • Participate in a Minimum of 5 events during the year, Gravel, Mountain bike XC, Enduro and Endurance.
  • Join us for a Training ride or lead one in your location on road, gravel, dirt or all three
  • Race Mountain Bike or Gravel or really whatever you want. Relax after and support each other at the events we participate in.
  • Give Back 8 Hrs of Volunteer Time or 8 Hrs of your time to a local non profit or community group focused on trails in a calendar year or have your wings removed
  • Check out the Schedule of local and out of State events to circle on your calendar
  • Register HERE and we will send you a link to order your gear!


What you receive!

  • The opportunity to participate in some unique cycling related offers during the year
  • Race with a great group of men and women
  • Fun!

So far over 20 members!

We can open the store up and close it anytime after this first order!  This is a sample of the look!

We will open the form below once we have interest from at least 5 more people to join so e-mail if you are interested